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Bitcoin Forks like BCH and BSV Should be Celebrated, not Feared: EOS Co-founder

Brendan Blumer, co-founder EOS

Brendan Blumer, the co-founder and CEO of Block One, the official publishers of EOS, the smart contracting platform, is of the view that Bitcoin hard forks like Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV fronted by former maximalists, Roger Ver, and Craig Wright, who claims to be the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, should be celebrated, not feared. He further added that the illusion that “Bitcoin is just one coin nowadays is a dangerous.”

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV Rallying

Forks give token holders extra dev teams for free. They should be celebrated – not feared

— Brendan Blumer (@BrendanBlumer) January 15, 2020

At the time of going to press, coins of virtually all Bitcoin hard forks are soaring, bottoming up and attracting the attention of opportunistic crypto investors.

EOS-Bitcoin-BCH-BSV-Market-Performance chart by Coinstats

With such impressive short-bust of gains, Brendan says developers of these offshoots often increase which ultimately helps them achieve their long-term objective.

Forks give token holders extra dev teams for free. They should be celebrated – not feared

— Brendan Blumer (@BrendanBlumer) January 15, 2020

Hard forks happen when there is a difference amongst developers on which code to implement on the original blockchain, in this case, Bitcoin. A difference can lead to clients opting out and not upgrading their node software causing the network to split into two.

Prices Influenced by Hard Forks and Co-founder Coin Allocation

Cryptocurrency price action is sensitive to code changes and with the founders allocating coin/tokens to themselves, their collective ownership exacerbated by difference in development could adversely effect prices of the original coin.

For example, during the last hash war in November 2018, the aftermath saw the creation of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV which drastically lower prices. Bitcoin Cash prices collapsed from $400, more than halved and bottomed out at $100 before rising to spot prices.

The problem is the dev teams are constantly attacking each other , which causes tribalism. creates a toxic environment

— Dizzle (@Dizzle123C) January 15, 2020

Because of correlation, Bitcoin SV, the new coins benefited and now has a multi-billion valuation even at spot rates. The same could be said about Bitcoin Cash when it split from Bitcoin before rallying to $3,800 at the height of the crypto rally in 2017.

Both coins now have deep liquidity and priced highly. It therefore means Bitcoin holders who held BTC before these coins own highly priced dividends while these offshoots can finance their development and gravitate towards their grand goals as each claim to be better than gold.

Craig Wright Could be Satoshi Nakamoto

Presently, the attention has been shifted to Bitcoin SV (BSV) and Craig Wright.

Bitcoiners are gonna be so pissed at themselves when they finally realize Craig Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto. They could have realized sooner, but their cognitive biases & in-group cult modalities were too strong. w/ @adam3us PS: Bitcoin isn't cypherpunk & isn't monetary activism.

— Derek Moore (@derekm00r3) January 14, 2020

If he has the private keys to unlock the 1.1 million BTCs and prove he his Satoshi, BSV could drastically soar from spot rates, a development Brendan Blumer is already cautious of:

“I won’t publicly opine on this, but I have my beliefs, and think the evidence that he had material involvement with the “Satoshi group” is too big to completely ignore. I have always tried to ensure our Bitcoin position wasn’t vulnerable to this potentiality.”

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