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“Malta prefers to be the first in crypto, not the last”: Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary

In Malta, the Delta Summit 2018 is taking place as we write this and is part of Malta’s ongoing effort to lead the global blockchain revolution. The Maltese government is taking the technology seriously and is taking concrete steps to introduce the technology into the country and promote its development all over the world. A number of projects have been initiated by the government to promote blockchain within the country and its institutions.

Silvio Schembri, the parliamentary secretary of Malta, explained his government’s firm interest in innovative technology while giving the opening speech at the Delta Summit 2018. He explained that the government is actively pursuing the digitization of organizations and government authorities and wants to incorporate the technology into Malta’s ecosystem. He stated that his government wants to make Malta the “powerhouse of economic innovation.”

Malta is the first to embrace blockchain

Silvio Schembri, the parliamentary secretary of Malta. Photo by CryptoPotato

He further stated that the University of Malta is one of the first educational facilities to offer courses on blockchain and innovative technology. The Maltese government has also offered the world’s first ever blockchain scholarship fund for students. Schembri believes that these efforts will help to make Malta become the centerpiece of the global blockchain revolution. As he puts it, “Malta wants to be the leading, and to be the first in crypto, not wait to be the last.”

Along with these efforts, the Maltese government is also actively pursuing the development of other technologies. Schembri explained that the government is actively researching the fields of AI, Quantum Computing, and Internet of Things. Lastly, he explained that the Maltese government is open to sharing ideas and blueprints with other countries for the promotion of technology.


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