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VeePN: An Essential Tool for Crypto Trading

All around the world, governments that are hostile to the Blockchain revolution, have tried to crack down on crypto-trading. However, with VPN services, traders can have the power to resist this infringement by a political establishment.

Why Is VPN an Essential Tool for Crypto Traders?

Cryptocurrencies are particularly attractive to privacy lovers because they offer borderless means for exchanging value. Furthermore, this exchange is conducted without involving middlemen such as banking institutions. As you can imagine, this doesn’t appeal to government authorities who tax citizens for the exchange of funds.

Nowadays, it has become nearly impossible to engage in legitimate crypto trading in countries such as China. Since September 2017, the Chinese government has led other countries in cracking down on crypto-trading. Due to the restrictions, Chinese crypto users look to VPN services for assistance.

How Can A VPN Impact Crypto Trading?

As mentioned, crypto-trading has drawn up a lot of attention from governments, most significantly the Chinese government. Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are yet to go mainstream, more and more traders and investors are investing in crypto-assets, providing the market with just enough liquidity. Moreover, many people view this as an opportunity to conduct their private business, in a manner that prevents government oversight.

Hence, experts recommend using VPN providers when trading with cryptos. Especially when storing your crypto-assets in a crypto-wallet. While a majority of crypto-related services use strong encryption, there is a significant lack of protection on the user’s end. To be precise, this is when it comes to shielding your assets from governments that don’t believe in the legitimacy of Blockchain technologies. For this reason, it is important for the trader to employ the services of a VPN provider. Using a VPN allows all the traffic the trader generates to get encrypted, and shielded from government scrutiny.

Moreover, VPNs can also be beneficial when trading cryptocurrencies while traveling. Especially, when a trader depends on public Wi-Fi while traveling for Internet access. Using unrestricted hotspots can be extremely dangerous because the trader has no way of knowing who else uses the network. The network may be a hunting ground for hackers, who might gains access to the trader’s devices. By using a VPN service, the trader can mitigate this risk, shielding their online traffic and protecting their devices.

An Easy-to-Use VPN Service to Protect Your Privacy Online

When it comes to picking the right VPN service, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Especially with 2019 already being the year when cryptocurrencies face a lot of uncertainties. As such, working your way around this daunting task could determine how safe and private your online activities will be. Since there are hundreds of various VPN services available, selecting the right VPN will allow striking the balance between privacy services, affordability, and ease of use.

Let’s talk about VPN provider called VeePN. It works flawlessly on multiple operating systems and can connect up to ten devices under a single subscription plan. Also, VeePN service has no interaction with external DNS providers, while offering the user unlimited bandwidth and speed, and limitless server switching. As a result, the user can switch between servers in just one click, bypassing various restrictions with secure online access.

In addition, VPN services come with military-grade encryption, including a kill switch on the VeePN services, as well as an automated public Wi-Fi protection system. Also, there are multiple VPN protocols, including OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols, which ensure the utmost protection of trader’s data. Moreover, VeePN masks the trader’s IP address so they can trade without being identified. Regarding logs, VeePN doesn’t store the user’s personal information, such as browsing history, location, and IP address. As mentioned above, the Kill Switch protects the user’s real IP address in the event of accidental exposure.

Image: Pixabay

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